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What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?


Rhythmic gymnastics combines ballet, lyrical, jazz, and creative movements to music while working with balls, hoops, ropes, ribbons, and clubs in choreographed dance, contortion, and acrobatic routine. Everything is done on the floor with four different routines and music. Rhythmic gymnastics is a girl-only sport.

How is it Different than “Regular” Gymnastics?


“Artistic” (a.k.a. “regular”) gymnastics is is the most commonly known kind of gymnastics. It is performed on 4 different events such as Floor, Beam, Bars, and Vault. Artistic is mostly tumbling and “flipping” through the air with basic dance steps. Rhythmic gymnastics has more difficult dance movements and is a more “elegant” sport where you learn to control equipment.


History of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics were originally one sport when it started in Europe during the 18th century. It later split into the two most common types of Gymnastics. In the 1950’s , it became its own sport created by the Russians. Russia brought it to Worlds in 1963. The reason most people don’t know of the beautiful sport is because it didn’t become an Olympic sport until 1984. It has been a part of the Summer Olympics ever since.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an individual sport, but it also has a group category. Five girls work together in a choreographed routine combining different apparatus.

Preschool Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes!

Rhythmic gymnastics is a mix between artistic gymnastics and dance. Rhythmic is based off of ballet technique, while incorporating pre-acrobatic skills , contortion, and rhythmic equipment. Rhythmic equipment includes jump rope, ball, hoop, clubs, and ribbon. Rhythmics became an Olympic sport in 1982.
In this class, they will learn:

  • Basic dance technique and steps
  • To connect dance steps to music
  • Basic handling skills with the ball, hoop, rope, and ribbon.
  • Develop hand eye coordination while playing with balloons, scarves, and feathers.
  • Basic pre-acrobatic tumbling skills (rolls, cartwheels, back bends, chin stands)
  • Safe ways to stretch and strengthen their muscles

When: Tuesdays
10:00am- 10:45am 3-4 year olds
11:00am– 12:00noon 5-6 year olds

Beginner Classes

The beginner classes (beginner– level 2) are an introductory of the beautiful sport. The girls learn basic acrobatic skills such as forward rolls and cartwheels. They learn basic dance steps such as skips, and chasses. This class will help them develop coordination, balance, flexability, strength, and grace while learning how to handle the ball, rope, hoop, and ribbon properly. They learn the correct ways of doing things to prevent injuries. This class is a lot of fun and doesn’t require any athletic experience!

Advanced Classes

The advanced classes (level 3 & up) are the next steps toward competition. These girls train along side our competitive girls. This class is by invitation only (may require the girl to try out). They begin to perfect their technique and skills. These girls focus a lot more on flexibility and strength as well. They start working on combining their handling skills with their body skills to prepare them for the first level of competition. This class focuses on hard work, determination, setting goals, and learning how to achieve them without giving up.

Competition Team

The Competition Team (level 3 & up) will compete in Washington and sometimes Oregon, 6-7 months of the year. The competition season starts in December (except during Olympic year) and ends approximately May (with the exception of wanting to attend nationals in June (optional). But they will train all year long. They will attend 3 or 4 local competitions (depending on level) and then move on to Washington State Championships and Regional Championships (with the exception of level 3). They may qualify to Nationals , but attending is optional. The competition team starts at level 3, and goes to Level 10 Elite. If the girl makes it to Level 10, they may have the opportunity to qualify for the United States National Team and represent the USA around the world. They then have the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics.

About the Coach

Libby-SchindlerLibby Schindler (Myers) started gymnastics at the age of 2 in a “mommy and me” class. With her mother being a coach, she was always at the gym. She started taking Rhythmics from her mom at age 5. At the age of 6, she joined both the artistic and rhythmic competitive teams. She balanced the two sports for 3 years, until her schedules started to conflict. She had to choose one style to pursue. She choose Rhythmics. She continued to grow in the sport and traveled to different gyms around the state including Rising Stars. While at Rising Stars, she won many titles including Level 7 Regional Champion and “gymnast of the year” several years in a row. She moved on to pursue her dream at other gyms. In 2007, Libby qualified to Visa National Championships which then made her a level 10. She placed 18th in the country. After that year, her coach decided to retire. At the age of 16, Libby realized it was time for her to retire after a long journey. Months later, she joined a local dance studio competition team. She started teaching an acrobatics class. She then realized she LOVED to teach. It was her calling. Her knowledge in dance grew as she began teaching more styles of dance including lyrical, jazz, and musical theater. Her girls won many national winning titles as well as Libby in 2010 and 2011. The girls adore her and look up to her because she is strict, but loving and all of her effort, energy, and passion go toward her girls. Libby’s goal is to change many little girls lives by helping them reach their full potential while living a positive, healthy, and successful life. She believes that it is not just about the finish, but the journey to get there. That is why she wants to create a safe, healthy, and loving environment for her girls.

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